Here is mine.

At 22 years old:

- I have 3 and a half years work experience under my belt full time (along with 13 years solid sitting in front of a computer screen 75% of my days).

- I haven’t left the country in over 10 years.

- I have never been overseas.


The Price of Happiness

Philosophies such as Buddhism teach us to be content with the world around us. To appreciate what we have, as opposed to what we have not.

But at what price does our contentment come?

Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do. - Voltaire

If our happiness is built on a premise of self-contentment and self-fulfillment, then what is this doing for the world around us?

Changing oneself is a first step. But changing oneself will not change the world – unless you are changing others in your likeness as well.  And only if you are doing so in volume.


Embracing Solitude

Everyone in their lives feels pain and the sorrow that accompanies living.

But where does one draw the line between opening their hearts to another person, and in doing so giving them a piece of their own soul, versus keeping yourself closed off to these possibilities, these feelings, and walking away, often without truly acknowledging them and simply blocking them out of your psyche.

Feelings can be controlled, through mastery of self, but they cannot truly be ignored. One cannot withstand the full force of one’s feelings without clogging a spiritual artery. It is not natural. If you feel something for someone, then they should know. Unfortunately the world that we live is does not work within this idealistic framework.


Think and Grow Rich: Mastering a Winning Mindset

The ability to achieve any goal is directly proportional to the belief that you can achieve any goal.

These is the underlying maxim of the Think and Grow Rich, the godfather of all motivational self-help books. Published in 1937, Think and Grow rich attempts to inspire the reader with with the mindset they’ll need to achieve their dreams.

Using real life examples involving legendary businessmen such as Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie, Napoleon Hill provides a blueprint for achieving the impossible. As much as this may sound like a gimmick, the success stories that followed in the wake of it’s existence were substantial. Napoleon Hill was friends and associates with some the most pioneering American businessman of the era who created business empires in the face of the worse economic depression America ever has ever seen.


Sexuality in the 21st Century: Genetics versus Memetics

In the modern world we are constantly surrounded by a plethora of ideas relating to sexuality. Transgenderism has opened up to the world and men and women are increasingly defecting to the opposite sex at an alarming rate along with the steady mainstream progression of gay rights. This calls into question petty notions of gender differences. This article hopes to explore a lot of common misconceptions and gender stereotypes in the hope of better understanding both sexes and how they interact.

First off we need to put to bed the old concept of nature vs. nurture, or what I like to call genetics vs. memetics. In a nutshell there are so many stereotypes about who men and women ‘should’ behave with relation to their gender that it stands to reason there is a good chance they way men and women act in relation to their gender are more social constructs than what nature intended.


Ode to Heartbreak

Hello your name is You

You are a callous self-conceited asshole. Feel free to tramp on your own feelings, kick yourself when you’re down, and just generally rip your own heart out pretending because you are a man you have no emotions and you will wake up tomorrow and forget about it.

Feel free to explain yourself from the bottom of your heart, when all you are doing is stating the obvious and misinterpreting silence as some kind of message.

Feel free to write yourself off as an immature idiot for trying to express yourself. Feel free to do whatever makes you happy at others expense, while you try and pretend you’re being a better person.


Nelson Mandela and the Death of Democracy

In the wake of Mandela’s recent ill health and his birthday there has been quite a stir. Most of this boils down to the fact that despite South Africa’s progress since democracy, there is still a lot of controversy surrounding the ANC and our government.

In many ways Nelson Mandela symbolizes our democracy.

If he dies, what then?

Why are so many people on our country still suffering?

Were our people sold a false send of freedom?

But it is too easy to shoot the messenger.


Why are you still such a dickhead?

A facebook rant to all of my facebook friends at a definitive moment in time:

Dear Friends

WARNING: Read at your own discretion.

I am slowly but surely getting over compromising for the sake of other people and their infantile sense of ego. I am apologising now in advance for everything said below.

If anything I say or do on Facebook offends or upsets you you have the following options:


Why Are You Such a Dickhead?

Are most people really completely blind to themselves? I take for granted that I can usually tell in an instant the moment I meet someone I know if something is bothering them and often what it is. It’s likened to a process ‘magicians’ call cold reading.

I analysis myself daily. If I see a defect I try and fix it no matter how many times it takes.

I cry as often as I humanly can. Tears compound hate, anger, and stress into love.

I try and challenge people when I’m right, even if I am afraid or don’t feel fully confident of what I am saying. If you are wrong you will learn something, and if your solution is better then you will help that person learn something.


AfrikaBurn 2013

This post was inspired after events that conspired at AfrikaBurn 2013 and was originally posted to Facebook.

Learn more about AfrikaBurn >>

Dear AfrikaBurn & Burning Man

I have just experienced my first AfrikaBurn here in South Africa. In the interest of everyone not lucky enough to make it I have summed up what my thoughts are on what I have been shown below. IMPORTANT: Make sure you bring a wet wipe and a few tampons for this one.


No Bacon

A Facebook rant at KFC after they released the Double Down here in South Africa . Instead of bacon, they used smoked chicken so that that Muslim communities still eat out.  Needless to say, it was disgusting.

Dear KFC

As a long standing die-hard fan of the occasional dirty bird escapade, I would just like to point out to you how you have managed to completely screw up the Double Down.

What should have been a worthy addition to my culinary repertoire in actual fact resembles the regurgitated backside of a battery chick smothered in cheap semen.


Paralympic Testosterone

A Facebook rant at Oscar Pistorius, a celebrity and disabled champion athlete, after he murdered his girlfriend in a blind rage on Valentines day the 14th February 2013. This post was initially inspired in reaction to outcries from his fans who were still defending him despite his heinous acts. Murder is murder.

More about Oscar Pistorius>>


I know it must be hard out there. The thought of getting thrown in a schedule 6 prison without legs must be weighing heavily on your conscious. Being a sitting duck for weathered inmates just waiting to a pork you is not the best valentines day outcome I can think of.


Dear Mr President

A Facebook rant at Barack Obama (and the worlds governments).

Dear President Barack Obama

I tried to find your wall but apparently no one is allowed to say anything publicly about you. I have however tagged you and hope this find you well.

First off I would just like to thank you for your touching inaugural speech this year which I had the pleasure of listening too for the first time today. I nearly shed a tear.

In the interests of the world at large however, I would like to nominate a couple of potential changes to the current democratic model.


Life Is Not Fair

I would like to share a heartbreaking story with you.

You see, me and my friend Noosh just came back from getting a quarter chicken chips and a roll combo in Kloot street Cape Town . Unfortunately by some stroke fate I have been left with an intense boiling hatred for Nandos that has engulfed my entire body and soul.

What happened was quite simple. We both ordered the same meal for the same price. We both sat at the same table in the same Nandos. We both waited patiently with an intense hunger eating away at our insides and the same intense craving for some peri peri salvation.


What Women Really Want

A Facebook satire.

Dear Facebook and/or Jesus

Funnily enough I actually do have something on my mind today; and it’s not just a menial mediocre thought about how amazing breakfast was either.

You see the thing is.. women are unbelievably shallow these days.

All they want is sex.


The Year of the Snake (New Years 2013)

A Facebook rant at life.

The other day I found myself lucid dreaming. At one point in my dream something snapped and I though to myself fuck it – I’m gonna make myself fly. And I flew, soaring high above the world in my self-imposed reality. It was unequivocably badass.

DRUM ROLL: 2013 is finally here and it’s crunch time homies and homeletts.

Time to separate the have it’s from the have nots.
The men from the mice. The wetties from the wenches.


The Mystery of the Crimson Fountain

Warning: Reader discretion advised.

Every now then a story will come along that will make even the most season of party goers cringe. This is such a story. I will try and make this as short and sweet as possible bearing in mind all the bloody facts.

There was a party on a Saturday one fateful night in the wondrous city of Cape Town. By all accounts it was your average Saturday for a bunch of young reprobates living under a mountain consuming copious amounts of the unknown.

The party itself was nothing to write home about. Neither was the excessive after party that ensued at 4:20AM soon after the club closed at a special little spot named the Mukka Mad House, who’s full story I will save for another day.



My name is Joe. This blog is manifestation of myself and the thoughts I have attracted, and I am the only lens through which I perceive the world.

I make no excuses for any of my own thoughts, nor do I endorse their integrity.

At first this blog started as a place for me to fumble my thoughts, and it still is, though by some accounts they have grown more mature. This site is nothing but a speck of dust in a cavernous world but I can hope that something comes of it.